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WhatsApp Plus has become one of the best and most used unofficial mods of WhatsApp, allowing users to customize many aspects of the popular instant messaging service with features that the official client does not have.

The project was discontinued in January 2015 following pressure from WhatsApp, who managed to cease and completely dissolve the project through legal action, so the app is no longer available for download and is not allowed to support whatsoever.

With WhatsApp PLUS users could, among other options, choose from several visual themes to customize our conversations. They will also have access to lots of ‘emoticons’, including funny ‘emoticons’ to Google Hangouts, plus the ability to send images and video to its original size, hide our state of connection or eliminate double check before shipping feature to be included in the official client.

To access all this new content just have to open WhatsApp options and choosing ‘PLUS’. Once inside this improved version, we can alter the values ​​we deem appropriate and customize further discussions with each of the contacts.

Beyond all aesthetic improvements, which are very nice but they are still that, estétias improvements; WhatsApp PLUS works almost the same as the normal version of WhatsApp. That is, we can talk to all our contacts, send text messages, voice messages, images, and so on.

WhatsApp PLUS has been very interesting alternative to traditional WhatsApp, thanks to which we could give a personal and unique touch to our conversations.

The last version : [Update] WhatsApp Plus 6.97 + Call
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