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Whatsapp Plus You can change many colors, sizes, and many other visual aspects. You can increase the upload limit for media (the default limit is 16MB) to send large files of music or videos. You can increase the quality of the photos sent (the default resolution is reduced as well) you can share music with just a click. You can add profile pictures of contacts to your chats (Facebook Messenger style). You can hide profile pictures and show pictures of the agenda. To make it easier to use, it comes with an integrated Viewer Theme and a download manager: browse by themes made ​​by users of WhatsApp + and apply what you like.

The last version : [Update] WhatsApp Plus 6.97 + Call
Download WhatsApp Plus APK

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    • #samyiam Reply

      ramesh i think u need to remove the older stock whatsapp then install the new one :) since xolo comes with stock whatsapp that cant be uninstalled … so may be thats the reason it doesnt allow to install :) if u r really die hard fan of whatsapp+ like me :p then better root ur phone and use it :)

  2. Tanveer Reply

    Hi sir
    I formatted my xl nokia phone
    Now I m not able to use whats app plus.As I was using it before
    I dont hav ny bak up left
    Please suggest

    • whats Reply

      This version solve all the problems earlier, you can download it here:

  3. ravi thakur Reply

    I updated to v6.20 and it keeps crashing.. What shud i do.. Roll back or any other way??

    • whats Reply

      This version solve all the problems earlier, you can download it here:

  4. Nat Reply

    I would like an option for scheduling automated backups or at least back up at least twice during the day instead of just at 4am. because we dont always remember manual back ups. Could you please build it into your mod? Thanks.

    • whats Reply

      If we work on a daily backup copies to become a problem in the system software to copy the best one at 4:00

  5. ankur Reply

    I have samsung gakaxy ace . It is android v.2.3.6 but i am bot been able to install whatsapp plus.please see to my problem

    • whats Reply

      This new version will solve your problem once and prefer to download from the following link :

  6. uma Reply

    I updated to v6.24 and it keeps crashing.. What shud i do.. Roll back or any other way??

  7. muanlal Reply

    im using samsung star pro and it does not support whatsapp plus.. i download it 3 times.. but never support it.. what happen.. help?

  8. Hemanshu Patel Reply

    I am using Sony Xperia c n I am not able 2 download whatsapp+ what to do

  9. Abeedo A Reply

    Hi, I used to run WhatsApp+ on my old Xperia Z1. However I bought the Xperia Z3 and couldn’t pass the SMS VERIFICATIN STEP! The only WhatsApp that runs on my new phone is the original one. Please help me solve this issue I need to install the app and I couldn’t pass the SMS verification step even with old WA+ versions. Thx!

    • whats Reply

      Prefer to download the latest version from here :

  10. akeela Reply

    Hi…i have been trying to get whatsapp plus on my windows phone…its a Nokia Lumia 520…please help me

    • whats Reply

      Prefer to download the latest version from here :

  11. vikky Reply

    sir.,I’m using xolo q1100.. I installed the new version of watsapp plus now…but not installed…can u help me

    • whats Reply

      Prefer to download the latest version from here :

    • whats Reply

      Prefer to download the latest version from here :

  12. apikwae Reply

    I want run multiple number (account) in my phone, because my phone have dual sim. Is this whatsapp+ support multiple number (account)?

  13. Tarun Reply

    I am facing a problem that a same app with same signature is installed even though it is not installed in mmy system what do I do?

  14. Teddy Waweru Reply

    Awesome the way it’s completely customizable. Could you guys come up with a way to change chat bubbles’ transparency. Would be a whole lot more awesome. Cheers..

  15. DHARANI Reply

    i am using whatsapp+ version v6.60., i have a problem with pop ups., thats means i am using samsung galaxy star,and i un tick show notification on whatsapp plus application page(settings>application manager>whatsapp plus>)and i use app lock also, in this case when i received new message from whatsapp it open certain a time during i work other apps in my mobile,. its very disturbing. please any conclusion for my straggle. thank you.

  16. baron Reply

    mine keeps telling conflicting signature I have already deleted my old whatsapp

  17. Farhan Reply

    toast status not functioning properly so plzz n even one request is that we should able to see the status when we blocked by someone plzzz

  18. Ansari Reply

    in new version 6.76 of whtspp plus toast status does not working properly means in older version if I open my whtspp plus thn all who is online show me on the top of screen without seeing them bt now I have to see them one by one so plzz improve n add one feature also.from tht I can be able to see the status whom blocked me plzzz add

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  22. Mann Reply

    I can’t receve my full back backup whats the problem in this whats app plus please improve this defact

  23. Shafahad khan Reply

    Can i know how to download the latest version of whatsapp+

  24. sana Reply

    Kia mai whatsapp plus
    samsung galaxy dous gt s6102 me download karakati hu

  25. rosy Reply

    I upgraded whatsapp plus. I can receive calls but unable to locate any button that indicates cellular facilities. I searched everywhere but found nothing. My friends who have whatsapp have an extra call log feature. Please help me as I am unable to make calls.

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  28. Aash Jain Reply

    I am unable to download whatsapp plus what to do can some one send me link to download it

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  31. Willsia William Reply

    Says my whatsapp+ version has become obsolete….date 2016….I can’t do without +…..HELP!!

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