[Update] Whatsapp Plus 7.23

Whatsapp Plus 7.23


*Fixed emoji size in statusheader on Chat screen

*Added iOS emoji’s for middlefinger and vulcan salute

*LocationPicker2 works on my device, not my fault if it crashes

*Fixed delete recent emoji’s

Calls aren’t supported because I spoofed the version number and device model to prevent the expiry. I can easily maintain this version number to prevent expiry in the future.

Verification trouble and nothing works?
Follow this steps:

# Install GioMods, verify and take a backup.
# Uninstall GioMods, navigate to /sdcard/WhatsApp
# Rename GioBackup folder to DataApp and place it in /sdcard/WhatsApp/PLUS
# In DataApp/databases folder remove all axolotl files
# Install PLUS and restore backup!
# Thanks to +Franklin Gerlag , if restore question dialog keeps showing up, use Titanium Backup, it will work too!

link : http://goo.gl/JOJDaU

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