[Update] Whatsapp Plus 7.22

Whatsapp Plus 7.22-apk

Here we are Whatsapp Plus 7.22 by GIOVANNI TERLINGEN

What’s New in version Whatsapp Plus 7.22

✔ Finally Fixed Location Picker

✔ Added the two most famous emojis from WhatsApp (MiddleFinger and Vulcan Salute)

✔ You can now get the information tab so as to know when did the message got delivered and read which was missing previously

Verification trouble and nothing works? Here is a guide and share it everywhere.

# Install GioMods, verify and take a backup.
# Uninstall GioMods, navigate to /sdcard/WhatsApp
# Rename GioBackup folder to DataApp and place it in /sdcard/WhatsApp/PLUS
# In DataApp/databases folder remove all axolotl files
# Install PLUS and restore backup!

Link : http://goo.gl/nyFClZ

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  1. Z Reply

    Hi, love your work, it reminds me of osm’s + version.

    I do have a request though, can you add calls to the next update, I can only call through my usual dialer, not through wa like I used to on previous was+ versions.


  2. khan Najeeb Reply

    Great but want 3rd whatsapp because i want to run 3 whatsapps in one phone please solve my problem

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