WhatsApp PLUS 6.96

WhatsApp PLUS 6.96

WhatsApp PLUS 6.96

*Fixed adding a contact in a broadcast list, however this broken the New Chat FAB again. You can fix the FAB by turning ‘Go back to Contacts List instead of Main Screen’ on.
*Themed call history icon (Thanks to Mufti Arfan Farooqi for changing the icon to white)
*Fixed hiding privacy items from the menu in HomeActivity
*Other improvements and bug fixes

Enjoy and donwload now! WhatsApp PLUS 6.96.apk

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  1. mustafa Reply

    6.93 den sonraki bütün sürümler virüs hatası veriyor fazla izin var

  2. Ricardo Oliveria Reply

    Good day !!

    When will we have a new version reborn as the other versions already out a lot, Mapp solo versions, plus, Mapp, last version was reborn in 08/05

    I consider the most complete version reborn there

    Thanks, Ricardo – Brazil

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