hello WhatsMapp Solo Good bye OGwhatsapp

WhatsMapp Solo - apk WhatsMapp Solo - free -apk

Hello my friends to this day, we have a wonderful surprise goodbye OGwhatsapp and hello WhatsMapp Solo , Whatsapp Solo, my friend can run any whatsapp account at one time with ease
WhatsMapp Solo Mod with custom icon and color.
Credits to for the WhatsMapp Solo. And ​ for the color mod tutorial.
Download link : WhatsMapp-Solo-2-12-45.apk

WhatsMapp Solo apk free WhatsMapp Solo feedprograms_com

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  1. Dear me... Reply

    Hello. I just wanted to know if you are going to release a newer version of whatsapp + (or reborn, or even maybe… plusrereborn!?) and, most importantly, when. A few days coming? Or in 24-48 hours. Thanks anyway for your awesome work, replying to me or not.

  2. Ricardo Oliveria Reply

    Good afternoon !! I use the plus version for my work and the delay in receiving the messages is increasingly difficult to use, last week my questions were being answered, this week no longer !!

    I wonder what the prediction for a new version plus which is solved the problem in delayed receipt of messages.

    Another question is whether I install the official version and when you leave the new version plus it runs the risk of being banned?

    Thank you and I hope you understand me

    Ricardo – Brazil – Sao Paulo

  3. plus fan Reply

    Long time passed after plus 1.90 and you guys said a new update will release soon. weeks passed and most of us rolled back to original whatsapp.
    will be a new plus version relase ? Or plus version had a dead end? Please answer comments as it’s a long time you promised for a new plus version that will fix bugs like late pm recieving.

    Thanks for all great works, but please answer us clearly about plus project, a new project or if it’s completely left.

  4. Ricardo Reply

    Good afternoon !!
    I follow daily on this site for updates and questions, but I noticed that makes about two weeks q Developer’s mod this program without giving us news

    Please develop , we will have new update correcting the problem of delay in receiving messages? In reply !!

    Not yet returned to the original version !!
    I noticed q daily questions are placed on the site basically once a day and has several people asking the update and unanswered

    Thank you, Ricardo , Brazil

  5. Khan Najeeb Reply

    Plzzz update whatsMapp and whatsapp reborn 1.90 with new base version fst 3 days to go for update hurry up and thnx for whatsMapp brilliant work

    • whats Reply

      new update can be downloaded from here : http://www.feedprograms.com/download.php?id=2757

    • whats Reply

      new update can be downloaded from here : http://www.feedprograms.com/download.php?id=2757

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