WhatsApp Plus 6.76 No Anti How to Remove Band


WhatsApp Plus 6.76 No Anti How to Remove Band Note: If you are already banned for several hours then this mod will not remove your ban. This mod will prevent you from getting banned and will let you use whatsapp+ easily without fear

Whatsapp Plus-v-6-76.apk-2015

Features of This Whatsapp+ :
* HIDE LAST SEEN Online Status Blue Ticks Double Tick
* Apply and make themes of your choice
* Immersive mod for 4.4+ devices
* Change icon notification color
* Upload PHOTOS and VIDEOS with no compression
* Maximum upload size to 30 MB
* Material Design
* And much much more try and Experience yourself

Instructions for FRESH INSTALLATION :
Make Sure you have perfectly running whatsapp installed with your important chat

1) Open Whatsapp & Go to Settings→Chat Settings→Backup Conversations
2) Uninstall WHATSAPP
3) Download & Install Given WhatsApp+’s apk
4) Open it→Click AGREE & CONTINUE→Enter your number
5) If you have backed up your chat earlier then there should be RESTORE BUTTON , Press it
(If you get message like “Your app is unofficial Download from play store” then Uninstall current WhatsApp+ → install original whatsapp from play store → do verification process → Chat with 1-2 person → backup chats → uninstall Original whatsapp → install given WhatsApp+ You will definitely get RESTORE button)
6) Grab a cup of coffee cause it might take some long… Press Continue after it finishes
7) Congratulations You’ve successfully installed WhatsApp+ .! Now Explore many more features
8) Share this #Osm innovation as much as you can 😛

Instructions for UPDATION :
1) Signature has been changed so you have to uninstall current whatsapp and follow instructions for FRESH INSTALL

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  1. Yann Reply

    all the latest versions whatsapp+ don’t run on my Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830I. they all crash when i run the app. fix it please!

  2. Baher Reply

    Hello dears,

    I have Samsung Note 4, and whatsapp is a pre-installed app and I can’t remove it in order to set up whatsapp+ , is there any solution without rooting ? or is there gna be a solution in the future ?!

    thank you

  3. अब्दुल्ला कुरैशी Reply

    whatsapp+ 6.76 का कोई लिंक भेजो
    मेरे पास 6.72 है

  4. ردة مكة Reply

    مو راضي يفتح لما نزلتو ليش ممكن بعدين حذفتو مو راضي يتنزل مره ثانيه ممكن تفيديني
    وجزاكم الله خير

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