Whatsapp Plus Download Apk

Whatsapp Plus Download Apk

WhatsApp Plus has recently been updated to version 6.15 including occasional novelty, best small and numerous minor bug fixes, so you can download and WhatsApp Plus or upgrade our current version to 6.15.

WhatsApp Plus, also known as WhatsApp + or WhatsApp Plus Holo, has been updated for the new version 6.15, an update that is used to debug a little more internal application code which as you will know acts as modified and unofficial version of WhatsApp Android created by the Spanish developer Rafalete last year 2012.

If you do not know very well how to download and install WhatsApp Plus on your Android device, please visit our manual from the link above. What can we find in the new version of WhatsApp Plus?

New MOD 1.2.27s to adjust the size of emoticons

Well, in the new version of WhatsApp Plus added small improvements and bug fixes have been, but the main change is that the update has added a new MOD, the 1.2.27s, with which you can adjust the size of WhatsApp emoticons on our Android.

This new MOD allow us and resize the icons after you download WhatsApp Plus in its latest version, so if you want send funny messages and special emoticons to your friends on popular instant messaging application, do not hesitate to immediately update + your version of WhatsApp. It also includes a new MOD 3.2.9 that offers new features in our favorite application contact tab.

If you have not downloaded or installed any version of WhatsApp Plus on your device you remember some important points you should consider before cheer:

Recerda Plus you to download and install WhatsApp on your Android device need not have any previous version of WhatsApp installed.
WhatsApp Plus could cause problems with custom ROMs, so we recommend not having any installed on your device.
Sometimes, it is common to receive a system message advising that “the date of the device is incorrect. Set the clock and try again. “In those cases, we will update our current version of WhatsApp.

With this little reminder of the most common problems that we can find when wanting to download WhatsApp Plus in our device, we want to avoid that you have any problems during the process.

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