Whatsapp Plus 6.22 full

Whatsapp Plus 6.22 full

Whatsapp Plus 6.22 full is the app to send free messages with more users around the world. Although its features are not better or their more numerous than other similar applications, WhatsApp strength functions is precisely the volume of users has achieved since its launch. WhatsApp to send and receive messages from any terminal that also has the application installed, regardless of operating system and its geographical location, a factor which added to its huge number of users, makes it the perfect tool to communicate with all your contacts so automatic and free.

It works with your 3G connection or via WiFi to save the cost representing the SMS and, in many cases, even the calls. No matter how many messages you send or length, you can send as many as you want to all your contacts without affecting your phone bill. And you can also send pictures, videos, audio files, contact data and a map to your exact location. You can create groups of up to 30 contacts to communicate with all of them at once, ideal for workgroups, closest friends, family events, etc.

WhatsApp Messenger for Android (also available for other platforms) is very easy to use. No require little configuration, uses your phone’s contacts to know which ones have WhatsApp installed and automatically provides you your new WhatsApp contact list. Each time a contact install this application, will join that list without you having to add or prompting you. The contact name is always the same with which you have registered to that person in your phonebook. To customize your profile a bit more, you can add a nickname and a picture to contact your identity.

Another advantage is that WhatsApp Messenger allows you to communicate with your contacts abroad without charging any additional fee. Send and receive messages free internationally without spending one euro, so that does not cost anything to be closer to those who need further. It is also a noteworthy feature you will not need to log on WhatsApp every time you want to use. The client’s most popular instant messaging works all the time in the background and sends you notifications whenever you receive a message. Also, when you have your device off or’re offline, WhatsApp stores messages that you receive when you are able to show them to you, and thus prevents any message remains unread.

Finally, we mention that the messaging service WhatsApp is free for the first year, and then is priced at about 90 cents a year. We also appreciate that, given the constant updating of this application, to ensure the latest version is recommended to do so from their official website.

Free Download WhatsApp Messenger for your Android smartphone free and start connecting with all your contacts as quickly, effectively and comfortably.

WhatsApp Messenger is a mobile application with which we can be in touch with all our friends and family from anywhere in which we find ourselves. Plus, with the Android version, we can be doing anything while we send messages to your contacts.

WhatsApp Messenger is very simple to use, it is the replacement for SMS messages used to send via mobile. Now with WhatsApp Messenger we can send them messages even more complete and without paying anything for them. Thus, it will be much simpler to be always updated on everything going on with our friends.

WhatsApp Messenger will also allow us to send messages to groups of people, as well as any type of attachment, such as photos, videos, audios, etc. Now, share with our contacts will be much easier and we can talk with several people at once.

Simple and very complete, WhatsApp Messenger is an application that offers a higher quality in our conversations.

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  1. lawrence Reply

    is there whatsapp plus for window 8.1 phone?if yes let me know or send link please. thanks

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