WhatsApp Plus 6.20D Now Available for Download

WhatsApp Plus 6.20

We can already download WhatsApp Plus 6.20D  in its latest version 6.20D is that its developer, Rafalense, has released the new version of the popular mod WhatsApp for Android just now full of new features and improvements. After almost a month of the last update of  WhatsApp WhatsApp Plus + or Holo to version 6.15D, we have available a new update of this magnificent app for Android.

WhatsApp Plus is a popular mod WhatsApp for Android that allows users to make changes to the official app, now owned by Facebook, and add numerous additional functions you may have a better experience when communicating with friends, acquaintances, family and others through WhatsApp.

If this is the first time you hear about WhatsApp Plus, we invite you to visit our complete guide to download WhatsApp Plus and install it on your Android device, in it you can find step by step how to download the popular mod WhatsApp and configure it to your device Android, both smartphones and tablets.

Plus 6.20D New WhatsApp for Android

Following Plus WhatsApp update to version 6.20D worth mentioning that comes packed with exciting new features and improvements in performance and stability, all to continue to ensure its thousands of users a complete and satisfying experience. Notable News WhatsApp Plus 6.20D find:

The base updated to the latest version of the official app WhatsApp on Google Play Store: 2.11.378.
New MOD 3.2.10 to allow us to go back to the contact list instead of the main screen when you press the back button.
Other improvements and resolved bugs that ensure stability in our MOD Android devices.

As you can see, the new update of WhatsApp Plus some other important features such as the arrangement of the back button, which in previous versions was heading to the main screen of the device instead of the contact list synchronization and popular improvement MOD unofficial WhatsApp to the current version of the app for Android.


So, we invite everyone to actualize your current version of the popular MOD to you is new or link to download WhatsApp 6.20D Plus directly from the following link -> Download WhatsApp Plus 6.20D

What do you think of this new update WhatsApp Plus ?, Rafalense apparently has returned to the charge with the battery charged so it is very likely that the frequency of updates is increasing in the coming weeks, which really is appreciated .

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