WhatsApp Plus 6.20D APK


WhatsApp Plus 6.20D APK  Donation updated there version allows us to fully customize the application interface and can add colors we want in all points of the app. The features WhatsApp Plus for Android is going to provide you and then I’ll share the download link using which you can download WhatsApp Plus APK for free.

Version 6.20 WhatsNew

  • Base updated to last play store version 2.11.378
  • New MOD 3.2.10 to go back to Contact list instead of main screen
  • other improvement and bug fixes

Version 6.15 WhatsNew:

  • Checking for updates improved
  • MOD 1.2.29 inverted to mantain bubble sizes by default
  • MOD 1.2.27 inverted to mantain emoticons size by default
  • other improvements and bug fixes

Version 6.13 WhatsNew :

  • Solved bug for RightToLeft languages(Arabic, Hebrew) in Main and Contacts Screen
  • New MOD 3.2.9 to set contacts status lines in Contacts Screen

Version 6.12 WhatsNew

  • New Mod 1..2.27 to resize emoticons size
  • New option to restart WhatsApp+ from main screen (same as force stop option)
  • When pressing back from chat now goes to main screen
  • Preview status in contact list uses new two lines instead of only one
  • Other improvements and bug fixes

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  1. Yazan Reply

    Dears ,,

    please i want your help , i was using the version 6.15 and no issue , but when u just update it to v 6.20 all my old conversation comes with wrong time order for example someone sent me msg yesterday he became on the top and the new msg come on bottom and even the blank conv comes on top , please help me to fix this issue

    • whats Reply

      Well I’m going to put version to fix this problem immediately Wait for me within 2 hours

  2. Yazan Reply

    You are My Hero , Thank You so much I’ll Wait , just to make it clear again the problem in Main conversations Screen ( the conv order not depends on sent time).

    thaaaanks Again :)

    • whats Reply

      Dear Gary certainly work to solve all problems past and the modern version will be placed in the near future Thank you for your patience

  3. Hura Reply

    Not installing with 2.3.7 custom rom.
    Updated whatsapp, deleted folder database then saved backup again, removed the whole folder and reinstalled whatsapp, uninstalled and tried to install wpp+ but it just doesn’t install.

    Samsung GT-S6301 (galaxy pocket)

    • whats Reply

      Try prefer this new version will work with you and complete certainly. . Time fun


  4. Hura Reply

    Not installing.
    Staying with 6.15, cause it is the latest that works in my device for now. 6.20D and 6.22 don’t run
    Samsung GT-S5301
    Whatsapp 2.11.395 works fine.

    Did clear installs, formatted SD, cleared Dalvik, etc.
    I’m rooted user with custom rom, gb 2.3.7 not ported, arm7.

    My device uses FOTA updates and have the following apps:
    Adfree, Chainfire3D, Crackle, ExDialer+, Dolphin Navigator and Dolphin Jetpack, Droidwall, Facebook and Messenger, Gmail/Hangouts, LINK2SD, MoreLocale2, Mx Player, some games, Ram Manager, SetCPU, Skype, Sleep, Spotify, Superuser, Swift Player, TouchPal X, Truecaller, Twitter and Volume+

    If this helps to fix this bug, thank you.
    Trying to force install with ADB gaves me (6.22):
    When I try to install (6.20) it gives me certificate error.

    SetCPU is maybe one of the problems that makes the apk not to install?

    If someone knows a workaround…

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