Google+ Social site wonderful For Android

Google Plus

Google+ is the new community of users created by the largest Internet search engine. Here you can group your contacts and communicate with them in a fast, convenient and attractive way.

The appearance of Google+ does not hide his main inspiration in social network at the moment, Facebook. The central wall serves bulletin board, links, videos Youtubeo geographic location. The images look better than ever and publications are voting with the “+1” button on Google.

However, the biggest news of Google+ is Circles, a new way to organize your contacts into rings of users belonging to a common circle: family, coworkers or friends gather in separate mini-communities where you will publish different things.

Interestingly Google+ implements other company services: the case of Hangouts, GTalk-based system that you do video conferencing with several people from the browser and can even share YouTube videos live.

In short, the Google+ social network model you already know, but fits perfectly with the rest of Google applications offer a unique social experience.

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