Google Now Launcher Apk

Google Experience launcher

Now Google Launcher is the ‘launcher’ official Google, works on all Nexus Terminal 5 series, which can also be easily used in any other handset with Android 4.1 or higher.
This Google Now Launcher which basically does is make Google as the core of our terminal. For example, the application of traditional mail no longer will use the default, which it will take place Hangouts. Also gives much more weight to the voice search, can perform almost any action just tell the phone.
And of course there are the ‘Google Cards’. With this system we can slide your finger to the left of the screen to get much useful information. From attractions near our area until results of football matches, through messaging alerts.

Google Experience launcher-apk

Now Google is a very interesting Launcher for Android users who want to try a new way to see and use their Android handsets pitcher. It is important, though, make sure to meet all the requirements to use it.

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