Use WhatsApp from the PC is no longer a dream


sare WhatsApp from the PC is no longer a dream! To do so simply install an Android emulator and messaging program. In this article we show you how to do.

Something About WhatsApp! Other than SMS, WhatsApp has not only supplanted the old 160 characters via cell phone, but it is also to retire messaging services via PC, such as stainless Messenger.

Only chat via keyboard touch is not always easy … It would be nice to be able to write contacts to WhatsApp from the keyboard of the PC, but you can not. Or does it? Although there is still no official application from the desktop, how to use WhatsApp from the PC exists!

In this article we will use YouWave, an emulator available in the trial version. If you want to use WhatsApp from your computer completely free read this article.
What do I need to download WhatsApp on your computer?

Just a few simple ingredients:

Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7
YouWave, Android emulator that we will use to handle WhatsApp from your PC
A little ‘patience
Install YouWave sul PC
Install the Android emulator is very simple, just follow the wizard step by step.

Remember that YouWave is incompatible with VirtualBox.

In general, YouWave does not get along with any kind of emulator or virtual networks, so it is advisable to disable any VPNs.

Once the installation is finished, you’ll see a window like this:
The bad news is that the trial period YouWave only lasts 7 days. In contrast, the price of the license is very affordable (about $ 15). As it is, the initial screen of YouWave will look like this:

Now you’re ready to …
Install WhatsApp on PC

To install WhatsApp on YouWave click on the browser icon in the lower right corner, and from there get access to this address

The downloads are displayed in the top bar, drag it with the mouse and start the installation.

Press the Install button, and in a few seconds (at least theoretically) you will have your PC WhatsApp nice and ready. This is a good time to cross your fingers, because WhatsApp and virtual devices do not always agree … But if all goes well, we can go ahead and …

Configure WhatsApp on PC

WhatsApp Select from the list of applications on your phone. Remember that you can not use WhatsApp with the same telephone number on two different devices. You will have to choose whether to:

WhatsApp uninstall from the phone and use it only in the PC
Use a different number for a cell phone where you do not use WhatsApp
Create a virtual mobile number, for example with fonYou

Then fill in all the fields, do not forget to also enter the country code, and select SMS Verification.

Obviously your virtual Android is not able to send SMS, so this process (which takes 5 minutes long) will not go through. Wait patiently! After 5 minutes, WhatsApp will give you the opportunity to check the number with a phone call.


Awards Call me and you will receive a call to the number you provided. You’ll hear a voice repeating a 3-digit code, enter it in the box.

Here we go! Now you can introduce your contacts in WhatsApp (or add them to a virtual address book of the phone) and voila …
It WhatsAppa!
Awards Call me and you will receive a call to the number you provided. You'll hear a voice repeating a 3-digit code, enter it in the box.

What do you think of this trick? Do you know someone else? Leave a comment!

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