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Surely all smartphone owners know WhatsApp, an application for mobile devices that lets you send free text messages, voice messages, and even images between different phones and smartphones, using the data connection.
This has effectively reduced the use of text messages from mobile phones, targeting it to a sudden decline.
However, there is a version of WhatsApp for PC, then to use WhatsApp on your PC you need to use emulators and installing WhatsApp on these emulators, we will be able to send messages to mobile phones and smartphones of our friends directly from our pc.
So first, you need to download and install Bluestacks App Player:

After starting Bluestacks App Player, let us proceed with the installation of WhatsApp.
Install WhatsApp on PC

To install WhatsApp on your PC you have to click the magnifying glass icon located at the right of the dialog Bluestacks whatsapp and write in the search box that appears.
As you type we will list the applications that meet the search criteria, click the Install button next to the item WhatsApp Messenger.

Wait for the process to finish the download of WhatsApp.

Once you have completed the download of WhatsApp will be automatically installed and the installation is completed, you will see the program’s icon in the tab window of the installed applications (My Apps).

If you can not download WhatsApp and there appears an error message such as “No app Found. Check network connectivity “, you can download WhatsApp from the PC through the official download page of WhatsApp for Android  and install it by double clicking on the downloaded file (it should automatically start installing WhatsApp on Bluestacks).

Clicking on the icon for WhatsApp will see a presentation screen where you must click on Confirm and continues to start the configuration process.

On the next screen you are prompted to enter the phone number to associate with WhatsApp, the same number will be used to carry out the subsequent verification through SMS or voice message.

Wait until the progress bar will not be completed in the meantime there will come a SMS with WhatsApp Code on the telephone number entered above.

You will then be prompted to enter your WhatsApp Code received via SMS.
In the event of a failed verification SMS you can make the voice verification to receive WhatsApp Code: just click the Call button and you will receive a phone call that will tell you the 3-digit code to be entered.

After verification, you can complete the installation by inserting the name you want to appear when you send messages and even upload a photo for your profile.
At this point you are ready to use WhatsApp on your PC!

Add a contact on WhatsApp

To be able to communicate with someone you first need to enter your contact in the contact list of WhatsApp, you can add it manually by following these steps:

  1. click the Show menu button (the button in the lower left corner, next to the arrow key);
  2. in the menu click on Contact Us;
  3. click the button again View menu;
  4. in the menu click New Contact;
  5. insert all the data you want to store (you must enter at least the phone number) and save.

The contact added will appear in the contact list.

Send a message to a contact on WhatsApp

Start a conversation with a contact is very easy, just two steps:

in the main screen of WhatsApp, click the pencil icon in the upper right corner;
click on the contact with whom you want to communicate.

That’s all, have fun!

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